For each of us the prom is associated with something important. This is the start to a great way of life. And like feel absolutely no longer a child, but do realize that you do not want to grow up yet. This celebration waiting for carefully prepared, dreaming about it for a long time. After passing the exams difficult, obtain certificates, graduation party becomes a reward for all the efforts and labors.

Whole life ahead, full of something new and different, then the first error and the difficulties, joys and experiences! Prom only happens once in a lifetime. Organize and conduct at the highest level bright, enchanting, individual, entertaining program that will contain a set provocative competitions, sparkling humor and a lot of pleasant moments and unexpected surprises can only experienced professional who knows his business by 100% leading prom. Therefore event company “Shalenіy” recommends, very responsible and serious approach to the selection of a good lead on the final evening.

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Professional MC, Host should have a bright appearance, be on the same wavelength with the graduates, to be a good psychologist and even a bit of a teacher. Stylish, trendy, young presenter – the perfect choice for a prom! Our company do not recommend MC a respectful age, because in most cases they can not find a common language with the graduates, and thus hold them really bright, interesting and exciting show program! Therefore, choosing the right MC, Host, Presenterto the prom, you are guaranteed to get a huge dose of positive emotions and unforgettable impressions!

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Previously met with mc, host, you have the opportunity to share with them their expectations, wishes and vision of how and where should be a celebration.Because no one wants to see in his event with the usual hackneyed script competitions. Experienced professional presenter you understand at a glance, and bring to life even the most crazy and unique ideas. After the prom is a triumph for the young, provocative, energetic, creative people! Therefore, the program prom is bound to be a fun, dynamic and with a lot of surprises! Also in organizing the prom night, senior should not forget about the parents and alumni. In this celebration of one of its tasks is to eliminate the problem of “Fathers and Sons” and as a result to combine the two age group) course presenter focuses mainly on children’s interests, but also must please show program, hilarious jokes and bright contests all the generations that present at the festival!