Do we organize events at the customer’s location

We choose the ideal event location, but not limited by standard locations and the immediate environs. But if you have a wish to organize event on your location, we will do it with pleasure!

Why the price list for services is not specifie on a website

Cost can vary as a more or less, depending on the date, format of event, volume of services. Always, you can contact with our managers and they will calculate and tell all the details.

Do you take part in the tenders

We participate in tenders only after providing a detailed request for the event.

Can you realize my idea

We can not, we have only this and waiting) for us, your most impossible ideas will be possible and we realize any, even the most fantastic requests!

For how much time before the event I need to contact with your company

We do not sell the goods, it is not in our stock, we are providing a service. According to this sooner you contact us, the faster we will organize and book the best of the best position for the realization of the request.

Do you work only in Kyiv

We work throughout Ukraine. We also have an office in Poland, the city of Warsaw.

Is it possible to pay by bank transfer

Yes! When you pay by bank transfer an additional plus 7%

How much coast to organize event

It all depends on each specific program. We work with any budget, even with a very small, if the project for us itself is interesting and vice versa, can refuse to participate in a tender for a big expensive project.

How order the organization of event

Very easy!) Call us at: (044) 223 92 61, (096) 754 24 80 Waiting for your call)