New online event formats

These can be entire virtual worlds, in which you can immerse yourself using a regular monitor, or even a VR helmet. Or it can be a full-fledged live show – a concert of any pop star. And for all this, you don’t even always need to wear pants…

There is no doubt that 2020, with all its twists and turns, has inflicted a kind of “artistic scarification” on the body of the event industry. Yes, it partially crippled the entire sphere, but at the same time encouraged the organizers to look for alternatives, be inventive and give free rein to their ingenuity.

Now, popular format online events in which participants do not need to leave not only their home, but even their favorite place (a chair by the computer) and change their favorite position (the monitor is on, their eyes are bulging). At the same time, such events may mean not just gatherings in the zoom. Let’s talk about everything…

Online games

We quickly adapted Zoom for meetings amd planning. But who said that it can only be used in this way? Games for attentiveness, for knowing the habits and characters of your colleagues, for reaction, for coordination, for intuition and whatever. Almost any game that can be played live in a company can be transferred to Zoom. People who are not tactile – in general, expanse and comfort. The main thing is a correct and experienced host. The obvious advantages of this type of event are that it can be easily turned into teambuilding.

онлайн игры в zoom

Gamified events

But what if we move the whole event to the virtual world? No, it’s not about running in a crowd into some conventional Counter Strike or Fortnite, not at all. It’s about something much more ambitious. Imagine a corporate event in Minecraft. With a world custom built for you – from scratch. Or in the recreated space of your office. And yes – you can destroy objects in such a world with absolutely impunity, without fear of dismissal or public censure, administrative or criminal liability (well, you never know how corporate events usually go in your company?)

And then there are parties in VR chats. An event can be very serious, right up to a full presentation or conference full of officialdom. Moreover, there are options both with full immersion – in a VR helmet, and simply using a regular computer monitor.

конференция в Minecraft

Hybrid events

The easiest way would be to give an example in order to clearly show you what such an event implies. Imagine – you get a kind of microfusion with a convenient mail service for you, with all sorts of sweets and a bottle of your favorite wine. And also a QR code is found in the package. Or a link comes to the mail. After reading the code \ opening the link, you get to the private broadcast – of course, your colleagues get there in the same way. You see the hall and the stage. Your host enters the stage – for example, Igor Lastochkin. He greets everyone present, makes a couple of gorgeous jokes, wishes you a pleasant evening and says that someone wants to congratulate you. And then Chuck Norris wedges into the online event. Yes, the same Chuck Norris. Not a deepfake, not an adapted video and not a parodist, but THAT REAL CHUCK NORRIS. And congratulates your company and you on… and what are you celebrating there by the way? After that there will be a live concert.

And if anything – this is not an example from the ceiling, this is a very real event from our portfolio. Rather, not the entire event, but somewhere around 20% of it. Not all secrets should be revealed to you right away;) Such events are, in fact, a reflection of your favorite tonight show. The only difference is that the audience is not in the studio, but in their favorite home armchairs, with snacks and wine. Well, or something stronger – here it is as you please. Comfortable and memorable for a lifetime. And most importantly, the format is very flexible. From stand-up comedy to joint “movie trips” to premieres. From master classes to concerts. With any guests – both in the studio and via video. Anything. We wish you good events and vivid impressions!

Гибридные мероприятия