Event company “Shalenіy.Kyiv-Event” offers our assistance and expertise in the organization of extreme corporate events. We organize a lot of different game scenarios or controversial with extremes of content and also select an appropriate site.

Extreme, sports corporate events demonstrate the advantage of a healthy way of life and strengthen the well-coordinated large team. Managers and their employees can check their strong qualities in extreme conditions. To such corporate events can be invited as spectators or participants of business partners oreven competitors. The staff in an informal setting to relax and communicate with partners.

экстрим в Киеве

Our extreme directions of the organization of corporate events, form the corporate culture, establishing friendships in the community and provides an excellentopportunity to identify the energetic and talented employees, personal qualities which would otherwise go unnoticed in the office work. Extremely sporting events are very important for the formation of professional relationships among superiors and subordinates, as is the workflow in an emergency situation, a manager can already be “no leader”, and the same equal member of the team and finally, just a friend who will give a hand in the complex situation. Friendship – is a strong quality of the team, such a relationship in the strategic plan is much more valuable than the business.

прыжок с парашюта

We can list a minimum of 10 reasons for which it is worth spending an extreme corporate event or take a short trip to the overcoming of the obstacles:

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Now nobody will be surprised with a barbeque picnic, but believe us, we know a lot of secrets with fun and lots of entertainment options for the field kitchen that will bring you real pleasure. The composition of our team of experienced trainers and athletes in various sports, mountaineering and tourism, professionalbusiness coaches and psychologists. Behind our company’s experience in numerous sports, extreme events and competitions, contests and festivals. They all take place in an atmosphere of spiritualascent and good mood. All the best that we can and wish you happy to implement for your company! Event solutions in Kiev