organization of the builder’s day

The builder’s day is celebrated on 12th of August, that is on one of the hottest and sunniest days of the year. Therefore, it would be a real crime simply to spend it at home, in front of the TV or in complete “doing nothing”.

A wonderful way to celebrate Builder’s Day is unusual and bright – to contact the Event Agency “Shaleniy”. You just need to come to the office or call the phone – consider it done, your employees and colleagues are waiting for a day full of events and emotions.

Place for event

People working in the construction industry, have their own specific humor and habits. They are unlikely to be interested in the restaurant and the exquisite music of the violin. But an evening with a guitar at the fire, a shish kebab, an interestingly designed program of the event – just what you need.

So, let’s choose a place for a celebration:

In addition to these options, it can be horse riding, a trip to a country cottage for a day, a visit to the entertainment complex with a pre-designed program, paintball, fishing on a yacht and many other options. Our agency can offer a large selection of scenarios. We will develop a script specifically for you, if you want to celebrate this day as something very extraordinary.

Theme of the Builder’s Day

To ensure that your holiday does not just turn into gatherings with colleagues, we suggest adding a few colors, namely, to make it in a certain thematic style. There are hundreds of ideas here, for example:

Our event agency can offer a lot of original ideas how to spend the Builder’s Day together with the company’s team or with the closest friends. We offer programs with different budgets, different duration and scope. We can order performances of your favorite artists, circus performers, humorists, actors. For the celebration, we can rent a restaurant, a cafe, a concert hall, a ship, a suburban complex – anything you want.