New trends of thematic corporate events

If you are thinking about a New Year’s corporate party, then … in the sense – “early” ?! Now is just the right time, for a day or two such things are not planned. Especially if your event is not for 8 person…

What are we talking about … oh, yes – a New Year’s corporate party. We are ready to share with you four corporate events at once – without registration and SMS. Let’s go!

Thematic corporate “Squid Game”

The series that blew up the Internet and the minds of people around the planet in just 1 season. What is not typical – the series is not Hollywood and not even American. It does not have the scope and lore of Game of Thrones, it does not have the humor and charisma of Doctor House, it does not…what the Paper House has (whatever it is – probably Bella Ciao?). But in some incredible way, even people who hate Asian cinema swallowed the whole season with binjwatching. So why not bring some healthy Asian chaos to the corporate party? Everyone will survive and tracksuits with numbers are optional.

Thematic corporate “Friends”

Something is fashionable, but something – forever. You know these jokes by heart. You will recognize these voices from thousands. And it doesn’t matter how many years have passed – “Friends” will stay with us forever. A corporate party in this style will give the very, perhaps already almost forgotten, feelings of warmth, comfort and kindness, which the series is soaked through and through. It’s also a good way to finally decide if Ross and Rachel had a break? (of course – there was, who can think otherwise?!)

Thematic corporate “Angels or Demons”

The eternal epic confrontation between Light and Dark, the struggle between good and evil, a beaver with a donkey, and so on … Everything looks even brighter in contrast. Exquisite, but not pretentious. Stylish, elegant and large-scale. In general – splendor in its purest form. Just imagine how much you can fit in this seemingly laconic concept!

Themed corporate “Space”

If even Tesla (thank you, Elon Musk) and William Shatner (thank you, Star Trek) were already in space, then why not transfer space to us? Us into space is also possible, but it will come out, to put it mildly, very expensive … The rings of Saturn, the red sand of Mars, the greatness of Jupiter – all this right at your corporate party. And at least SpaceX, at least BlueMoon – the flight will be successful. Beware of excessive overloads when lifting off from the surface!

In fact, the theme is the sea, even the whole ocean. A good magician does not reveal his secrets, let alone everyone at once. The main thing is to remember that a corporate party is not just a fun and dashing feast, but a way to completely immerse yourself in what you like, to experience a truly memorable event and vivid emotions that will not let you go right up to the next New Year’s corporate party. Or maybe even after him …