How fast time flies! Like, yesterday you saw off your crumbs in the first class, checked diary whether there deuces blamed forpranks and unlearned lessons. And very soon the final bell will ring. Instantly flutter matured children beyond the school walls andsay goodbye with a carefree childhood.

Conducting a prom – just a symbolic point , beyond which awaits them independent, adult life . Nevertheless , it should be worthy to spend . Will this banal Graduation or bright tale that will leave a mark in the memory of a lifetime depends on the organizers of the festival . Before you make the focus on the economy, which you lure amateurs , remember the prom to be repeated will not succeed , and tears of longing and sadness on school days , under any circumstances, should not coincide with tears of frustration. Examples of our work of the organization the prom , you can view prom organization in Kiev As we approach the significant date , passions run more and more . Parents start to grab his head , choose to look for different options for the prom. In order to avoid chaos in the organization of such an event , Event Company ” Shalenіy.Kyiv -Event” specially prepared for you the most popular and colorful prom themes :


Ukrainian theme every day becomes more and more popular. Ethno style is very rich and picturesque. By creating interior decoration site restaurant or suburban complex, we use the characteristics of Ukrainian national style: wicker fences, ceramics, wood products, icons, various woven charms on the walls gazebo made ​​of wood with a thatched roof, where there is a stove with a list, and so etc. Exhaust passes himself at ease with jokes and fun, with a variety of master classes, fun and competitions. Things you can pick up for everyone: “Craftsmen”, “Air turn” extreme entertainment “Kozacky fun”, “Ethno Karaoke” “Pig Race” and, of course, “Vechornitsi on the farm” with popular Ukrainian dances, Zaporozhye Cossacks and other artists…

Выпускной вечер в украинском стиле


Updo, bright dresses, at the graduation ball, colorful jackets and colored ties, high heels , not aging rhythms of rock and roll! Speeches saxophonist, jazz band, show-ballet performances, bartender show, hot dances, balloons, confetti, posters retro! Tables, counters which will rozmescheny goods from the time of mods: old magazines, vintage toys, badges. This, as well as many other things can be bought as souvenirs for honestly earned in competitions Soviet rubles! Dude – leading style with competitive drayvovoy show program will not let you get bored for a second!

Выпускной вечер в стиле Стиляги


An excellent choice for those who love originality, sophistication and has a sense of style. All prisudstvuet will unite with the heroes of Greek mythology, the gods and the powerful, of course, to see the young climb to the summit of Mount Olympus, which will create a real holiday for all! Prom atmosphere in the Greek style can recreate scenery and decoration will be such that you will feel like a real Greek Gods! Leading a master class with the famous Greek dance Sirtaki. Games, contests , entertainment and incendiary music help sustain this temateke event and make it memorable!

Выпускной вечер в греческом стиле


Prom American style once on such could only dream quietly envying heroes of American youth films. The huge hall with a large stage, live music from young bands, girls in elegant evening dresses and flower on her wrist, the guys in the classic costumes, choice of Queen and King of the evening. Opportunity to become a real star of the celebrations have each graduate who will participate in the program “Perfect disciple”.

Выпускной вечер в американском стиле


Just imagine, you are met at the entrance to the original artists show Japanese drummers, under the dynamic fraction comes out to meet you sobstevennoy person Japanese emperor himself and invites to the gala celebration, where have gathered unique and courageous samurai geisha. According to the scenario of the exhaust in the Japanese style are brightly colored and dancing with fans, oriental rugs.