Scientific team quest or teambuidings

We will not tell you about the history of the introductory words of team-building and its relevance. Consider the most popular tasks that put customers in front of a corporate teambuilding organizers and a few of our ideas to solve these problems.

Scientific teambuilding and quest team assignments with real chemical experiments using liquid nitrogen, such tasks can not be solved without teamwork!

Научные задания с реальными химическими эксперементами

Case №1
Often, these questions are asked of us launching a new product and promotion program. кейс №1 запуск To solve these problems, we have picked a fairly simple interactive learning, developing team work of participants, and also developed a tasks: Case #2 – a vivid represantation of the brand Emphasize: Кейс №2 This case developed in the participants: Мороженое из жидкого азота The program involved entertaining elements. In this example, the station with ice cream, participants need to come up with their own recipe and preparation technology using liquid nitrogen. Ice cream can be any flavor, for example peppermint or apple when the colors of the company logo is present green color. Case №3 – the smartest Самый умный Such a quest suited for personnel fast food chains, restaurants and other companies with a large number of serving staff. In order to motivate the participants, as the main prize could be bonuses or certificates. The program aims to: