History and traditions of Maslenitsa celebration

Maslenitsa is a rolling event that lasts for seven days. It depends on the beginning of Lent and may fall on February or the beginning of March. Not only Orthodox people are eagerly awaiting the holiday, but also those who want to eat pancakes and maybe go sledding for the last time before the snow melts. After all, Maslenitsa is also a kind of winter farewell, inviting spring and the warm sun.

When start celebrating Maslenitsa?

This event appeared and rooted in ancient Rus’, but then it had to do with paganism. The pagans believed in many gods, so they loved to arrange various celebrations for them. Maslenitsa was arranged in honor of the sun.

The essence of the event

Great post is very heavy and long, it is forbidden to use many products, such as meat, milk, eggs and even fish. For seven days we wean off eating meat products and gorge ourselves with the rest of the meal. Therefore, the post will be easier to enter.

The same applies to entertainment – during the organization of Maslenitsa you can not only eat well, but also have fun. For this, mass festivities are organized, contests, games and competitions. During this week we can release all our ardor, having good fun and getting a lot of impressions.

Entertainment on Maslenitsa

The week should be not only tasty, but also fun. At the end of the week, as usual, festivities are organized in parks and squares. Previously, the whole week was eventful. They organized puppet theaters in cities and villages in which they staged small scenes about the event or played short comedies. Not only professional actors took part in them, but also passersby.

And still it was possible to measure strength and dexterity. Men made comic fist fights, they did not try to defeat the rival, but showed themselves more. Another popular fun, which is arranged in our time has become a pillar with prizes. On the top of the pillar, a wheel was hung on which gifts were hung — new boots, bagels, candy, and so on. The post was very smooth, and only the most dexterous could get to the top and take one gift.

Nowadays Maslenitsa is also celebrating merrily and all together. And if you observe traditions a little, this event will become more colorful and memorable. Try it!