Organization of presentations event is an important communication tool that connects companies and their customers. It’s held often in several cases: over a solemn date: the company’s expansion, the opening of the new office, the anniversary of the company, a public relations event. Main task is to increase contacts in the firm, to collect additional information about consumers and their intentions, the formation of a correct image of the company.

Despite the fact that the presentation is event pretty solid and conservative with time and it is changing. Nowadays popular so-called separate presentation not to face the media with VIP-persons. In organizing the separate presentation day of the dividing feature / abroad: the first half consists of talking to journalists in your company (press conference + traditional reception for journalists) and to receive VIP-persons in some modest, cozy and expensive place.

First stage

Second stage

The scenario of the event. Developing and writing scripts in accordance with the characteristics and peculiarities of the company. A professional writer develops scenario plan and the actual presentation of the concept. Also we must not forget about training promoters or hostesses. In organizing the presentation necessarily planned topics for discussion, the order of performance and exchange. Conduct directed by host of event that informed the scenario presentations in advance. Festive decoration and technical support, without this can’t organize any presentation! Generally, the second step in creating the presentation, complete the dress rehearsal, a necessary measure.

Third stage

Despite the separation of presentation at an event for journalists and event for VIPs, the scheme of the same and the rules too. Often guests registration begins 30-40 minutes before the start. Welcom-drink is usually held in a separate room, which allows freedom of movement and contacts guests. Presentation, as we know, consists of two parts, the formal and informal. In the first case, a presentation of the welcome guests or hosts, in the second, communication on a background unobtrusive shows.

Here are the basic costs that are present in the estimate: