Hoverla challenge

The conquest of Hoverla with Shaleniy / 25.06.-28.06. A place of power, a place of freedom! We will conquer the highest point of Ukraine. The beauty of the Carpathians will inspire you to new achievements. Take a deep breath of fresh air and feel freedom. It will charge for the coming year.

The journey will be filled with emotions, friendly communication. You will spend time interestingly and profitably, and of course we will have a party 🙂 Go, conquer new peaks with Shaleniy.

Dates: 25.06.-28.06.20


Tour price includes:

Additional costs:

Tour program:

25.06. Evening departure from Kiev to Polyanitsa.

26.06. Arrival at the hotel, check in. Rest 1-2 hours. Free tour of the cities: Yaremche and Bukovel. We will visit all the sights of Yaremche, Bukovel. Return to the hotel.

27.06. Early rise. Departure to Vorokhta, after a transfer to Zaroslyak. Climbing the highest mountain of Ukraine – Hoverla (2061 m above sea level). To climb Hoverla special skills or special equipment are not needed! Throughout the trip you will be accompanied by a professional guide, instructors who will control the rise. In the process, the guide will tell interesting stories and legends. Also throughout the trip, we will stop for you to make memorable photos. After the conquest of Hoverla return to the hotel. Party in the altanka, relaxing at the pool.

28.06. Early departure to Kyiv.

Booking tours by phone: 096 909 92 53 Ruslan