Teambuilding of healthy person

The warm season is approaching, when you can finally throw off a heavy winter down jacket and this year winter obliged you go to nature with colleagues…

To the fresh air – and it does not matter where: whether just to the forest or to a reservoir, or to a reservoir near the forest – well, in general “jackpot”. Of course, a barbecue and all the attendant. And at the same time turn it into a “do-it-yourself corporate”. It sounds great, but still very economical, but in practice such attacks turn into hell …

We quickly adapted Zoom for meetings amd planning. But who said that it can only be used in this way? Games for attentiveness, for knowing the habits and characters of your colleagues, for reaction, for coordination, for intuition and whatever. Almost any game that can be played live in a company can be transferred to Zoom. People who are not tactile – in general, expanse and comfort. The main thing is a correct and experienced host. The obvious advantages of this type of event are that it can be easily turned into teambuilding.

Somehow, team building, many associated with the children’s party where the “join hands and sing a song.” Negative experience – even your own, even someone else’s – from being at a carelessly done team building. That’s how it is there. No one understands why adults should dance and do all kinds of nonsense instead of just relaxing in nature.

We are now talking about “team building of a healthy person”. Where are all fun, not because the “top” told “all fun”. Where there are no clichés with stupid activities for first-graders, there are no faces with the expression “why am I here? I’d rather stay at home…”.

First, the concept of teambuilding itself (properly organized of course) implies a truly unity of the team/staff. Not a boring lecture about the “team spirit” but practical gaming entertainment. And it does not matter – whether it’s a hardcore race through the forest with orienteering compass and a piece of card or for Tekken 3 on vintage consoles tournament. Yes, right in the middle of the forest. Or beach volleyball. Or water polo. Or…you never know what we will create for you?😉

In general, it works. As practice shows, a properly conducted team building allows people to get closer, while having a rest in a relaxed atmosphere. It works for established teams and in new, recently collected. The former begin to look at each other in a new way, the latter – get to know each other and get to know each other better.

The second is organizational issues. Of course – there are people who enjoy the classic “girls cut salad, boys fry meat”. But usually, not all “boys” (even if they are under 50 and over) like to tinker with fires, with the correct wood and coal temperature, plus also ask those present to specify the desired degree of roasting. Bonus round: 20 advisors giving mutually exclusive recommendations “how to do it”. And the “girls” at home have already “cut salads” for the whole family for two lives ahead, at least.

And it’s not the only food. There is also all sorts of small things – chairs, tables, awnings for shade or rain, props for games, transport and much, much more…

We are for the right teambuilding. Original. Which are fun. Which bring real benefits. Which are made of different people a team. Which evoke positive emotions in people and the desire to repeat it again.