14 of February -St. Valentine’s Day. Do not congratulate your soul mate, lover, or just an object of admiration to this day, is simply unacceptable. Valentine’s Day, gives us huge scope for the imagination and surprises.

Our task is to surprise and delight your loved one. What could be more beautiful than a joy and a smile on the face of family and friends. It’s no secret that in this day around us will be a lot of couples whose desire – to retire in a cozy romantic place. On this as the practice shows the last couple of years, the venue in a nice restaurant to have to book at least a week. If for some reason you have not come up with an interesting vyriant for yourself, do not worry.

Entertainment company “Shalenіy.Kyiv-Event” has prepared for you a lot of interesting ideas where and how to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Kiev. Believe me, this is the day to do with you in love is special.)


1.Restoran “Casanova”

Imagine a cozy Italian restaurant, located on the shores of picturesque Lake. Classical interior of the best Italian designers, exquisite Mediterranean cuisine, an extensive wine list and well-trained staff … this Italian island is now in Kiev. Как-отпраздновать-14-Февраля1

2.Restoran “Romankovskaya Manor”

The main building of the restaurant is decorated in a romantic style: soft colors, smooth lines, dark, noble wood, marble. Everything is easy, elegant, but at the same time a discreet and unobtrusive. The main hall on the first floor – is a bright and spacious room, panoramic windows that you can see the courtyard and a small pond with decorative loose stones and forged a bridge leading to the entrance of the hotel. RomankovsrayaYsadba

3.Restoran “Tripoli”

Restaurant “Tripoli” – Ukrainian town restaurant that is not only considered one of the best places for recreation and leisure, but also a place that has absorbed allthe culture and way of life of our predkov.Dizaynery and architects who worked on the interior of institutions seek to maximize convey the charm of the modernman in the street of the ancient civilization of Tripoli, an atmosphere of warm hospitality, comfort and convenience. Трипілля

4.Restoranno-hotel complex – “Forest Forest”

Private bathrooms have a bathrobe and hairdryer. The hotel’s restaurant “Pushcha Forest” serving local and international cuisine. The hotel also features a well-equipped gym and an indoor pool. It offers biking, hiking, and canoeing. Hotel “Forest Forest” is located 10 km from the Upper Town and 30 minutes drive from the international airport of Kiev. Пуща лесная

How to celebrate 14th of February in Kiev


1. Hot air balloon ride Why do not people know how to fly like birds? Is not it all! Fly! For you, we offer the beauty, romance, thrills, easy ideas, new emotions, sea delights. All that you can feel in the air in a balloon in the form of heart. полет-на-воздушном-шаре

2.Quad biking Stunt

Stunt Driving ATV, especially for people who love the thrill. If you fall into this category then you have the opportunity to ride a quad bike on difficult terrainovercoming them. This is the best gift. This day you will never forget. We will carry out your dream, all conditions to ride a quad bike in Kiev. катание-на-квадроцыклах

3.Walk on a Segway

Do you want an unusual and fun together on February 14? We offer you a unique version of “Walk on the Segway.” Segway – is quite new and convenient form of transport to move around the area. Its small size great choice for an interesting walk. Unforgettable vivid emotions and new sensations of riding a Segway is guaranteed! Прогулка-на-сигвеях

4.Ice skating

This year, the winter makes us happy as ever. So depressed mood is not a place in our homes. Therefore most of the house, enjoy the freshest snow, fresh airand optimism. However, to stay was at 100%, is to take care of the entertainment in advance to pick up roller and invite your soul mate. February 14th is just a great excuse to break out together and get energy and positive. Катание-на-коньках


Original greeting “Angels”, “Heart”, “Living Statues”

Event-company “Shalenіy.Kyiv-Event» offers you nice and original congratulate your soulmate. Valentine’s Day, give her original greeting from living statues, angels and dolls in the form of heart. Living statues, living dolls, angels – are professional actors who work in the form of the character, imitating the statue. Order this service – the sea admiration, delight and smile will get you guaranteed.