Team of event company “Shalenіy” sold to the medical center “Mother and Child” teambuilding program “Patriot Games.”

Medical center “Mother and Child” specialize in assisted reproductive technology, gynecology and obstetrics. In medicine, especially in such a direction, the company’s employees are given their work a hundred percent, so very tired, so our main task was to develop the program as interesting, light and unobtrusive. In order to staff the company was able to completely relax, recharge and gain the full amount of force to do their very important work.

For this event was chosen location suburban complex “Two beaver”. We will tell you that very successfully! Beautiful nature, clean air, a huge lake and a large furnished area, as well as a delicious menu gave our event a necessary color.

The program “Patriot Games” were involved in creative exercises and assignments. First the participants gathered in the central clearing where they were waiting for the host and instructors. By lot divided them into teams. Host pronouncing legend “Patriot Games” increases the motivation of the participants and helped them get into the spirit of the corporate program. After thematic performances (dance) each of the teams, their instructor gathered participants and followed quickly complete their assignments. As a part of different teams, participants perform tasks on logic and erudition, agility, trying to get maximum results. During the exercise, teams got a promotion (puzzle) that are needed to perform the common tasks for all teams. Because in spite of the competition teams, our task was to unite all the staff into one whole team, as one body. Check more about the organization of team building in Kyiv –