Every year 20th of May Ukraine celebrates Day of the bank employees. 6 March 2004 was approved this wonderful professional holiday Presidential Decree. Our state has always tends to emphasize a very important role of the banking system and the huge contribution of the bank employees in the development of our economy and the guarantor of its financial stability.

Организация дня банковских работников в Киеве

Bankers is particularly fussy people they positively relate only to the elite holidays, unusual events and original entertainment. More must be present haute cuisine , rich concert program , luxury and comfort of the interior , and much more for the grand of the Day banker. But , if you look on the other side that bankers are people, too so the holiday want to be as fun and relax , that good cause for severity and work enough! Therefore, an elegant dinner in the restaurant hall , it may seem to them too banal and boring. Need to combine these two important criteria in terms of one scenario that would celebrate the Day of the banker , to satisfy all requirements and demands of the people of this social status. You tell me what is it difficult? For us , imagine this problem is not a problem , because banking company and our favorite regulars ) We have a lot of very interesting programs, scripts and ideas different plan and style,from the unique greetings of the original genre to exciting team building amid the scenicsuburban landscape. Both version of the Day of bank employee will allow all employeesof this sector demonstrate a high level of intelligence, versatility of his personality and sense of humor. Please explore the multiple-choice organization and conduct of the Day of the bank in Kiev.


– Mexicans . Vocal and instrumental trio repertoire are popular Latin American compositions , processing popular pop songs. Perfect musical greeting employees at the “Day of the banker .” Imagine the delight and surprise birthday when he was nothing knowing opens the door , and her real ” mariachi ” in a sombrero with guitars and rousing songs ! – African- show , show drummers. Want your employees that would have plunged into the atmosphere of Africa? Forget the cold and frost about boring megacities and enjoy the truly exotic . You feel like you pass through the rhythms of African drums legandarnyh – tom-toms . Give vent to emotions , let in sultry dance with Africans and Africans . Gussary . Back in those days, when the gallant hussars singing serenades under the windows and gave all the ladies flowers, getting on one knee and kissed the hands of the girls became real. All this you can see in my own eyes , inviting our professional actors in the elegant form of a hussar . Guys unusually congratulate your staff with a wonderful Day holiday banker and leave bright emotions and impressions in their memory. -Bartender – show. Incendiary show with fire and pyrotechnics surprise your employees and take a lot of pleasure. Because we work only with professionals .

Поздравление с днем банковского сотрудника

How to celebrate the banker day in Kiev

– Normal . Easy not enforced corporate on nature with eating tasty kebab under fragrant vino. Enjoy the fresh air , relaxation brains from the city. Couple dance competitions with a collective master class and our picnic was a success full. – Active. Differs from the “regular” adding competitions active play. For example , volleyball, football , golf, tennis , racing on  racing ATV , archery , crossbow shooting , racing karts , horse riding and so on. – Quest Outdoors . For those who prefer adventure , fun and actively spend time outdoors with his team . Offer just this program. Individually develop and write a script quest program. Identify these leaders and intellectuals in your team . – Theme . Apply all the same as in other cases , only using a certain theme for example : ” The Indians ,” ” Pirates ,” ” Brazil ,” ” Hawaii “, ” Cowboys ” , ” Formula 1 “, ” Africa “, ” The Last Hero ” and etc.

Как отпраздновать день банкира в Киеве

– Teambuilding . Active picnic, teambuilding. And with all this team building in Kiev – not boring , exhausting training, and a full leisure . The strongest aspect of team building is that for the event include places that are radically different from the traditional office environment that promotes psychological and emotional discharge. – Ships. Celebration on the boat is always fresh air , good food , friendly service, sound of the waves behind, nice music and atmosphere of this holiday, so often we lack. Ideal to combine with the thematic program “pirates” – Records of Ukraine. It’s time to establish a true record of Ukraine in the book and make your company’s name and show the whole country what a real team. And it would be for the record , the largest shashlik , bulk tomato attack , the most numerous dance biggest priganie in water or record your activities direction , you choose only . Culinary Team Building. Our offer culinary teambuilding perfect and proven way to build and strengthen relationships in the team. The process of cooking is very simple. Managers prepare flavored pasta with their junior staff, and representatives from each department lead a discussion about the secrets of perfectly cookedrezotto.

Тимбилдинг на день банкира в Киеве