8th of March – International day of spring and the Women’s Day. The time when we give love and attention to our most unique and the most beloved women. Always in this wonderful day, women take attention of men, gifts and flowers

 International Women’s Day – from ancient times a favorite holiday of all of us who are less and less character ceases to carry home, and more and more, is not held in a family atmosphere and the closest relatives and friends, colleagues and management. Organization of corporate March 8 – it’s a great way to not only get rid of this holiday from the hustle and standard greetings, but also a unique opportunity to provide guidance to their employees, and employees in the first instance for further success, and secure command relationships between subordinates and superiors favorite amid great mood during the celebration of corporate party on March 8.

1. Flower arrangements on 8 of March

If in order to present a bouquet of flowers throughout the year, you need a special occasion (be it a birthday, anniversary or the birth of a child) is March 8 – is a wonderful occasion to deliver a bouquet of flowers to women just like to express my admiration and gratitude they just are! Men usually receives flowers wives, mothers, tescham, girlfriends, favorite female colleagues. Although the holiday has emerged as a revolutionary, in our modern times – 8 March is a day for all women, the holiday when you can express all the emotions for what you appreciate beauty, tolerance, femininity, love and loyalty of their second halves …


2. Live butterflies – the original gift

Butterfly – a symbol of happiness, love and prosperity. Considered if the butterfly hold in your hand and releasing it to soar to the heavens that fulfilled the most cherished desire. Unique gifts like every woman. They were very nice to receive, but also to give them at least pleasant. These are unusual gifts and real live butterflies, which can be ordered by contacting the Event Agency “Shalenіy.Kyiv-Event». In order to purchase live butterflies and give it to your loved ones, relatives and friends of people who do not need to go after them in exotic countries – it can be done without even leaving from Kiev.


3. Composition of balloons

Do you remember how delighted all present known about the adventures of cartoon characters Winnie the Pooh and Piglet? That’s right, it’s a balloon. As strange as it may sound, but that it can be not only an original and touching, but even we can say boldly exquisite gift. Need only to be able and know how to choose the composition and colors. We are ready to help you with this and make a wonderful surprise from the air on 8 of March.


4. Master class of decoupage

 Tell me, do you have a crazy idea? For example, a favorite vase painted in a light pink color and arrange flowers? Or from the chest to make boring old and antique color of hot chocolate? Or infuse life into an old sewing machine? Yes? Then you are perfect on March 8 – a master class in the art and decoration Decoupage old things. We will share experiences, secret skills becoming boring, modest and unremarkable things masterpieces. Flight of fantasy and desire is not limited to: decoupage, aged patina, craquelure … Have a master class on decoupage and we are sure you will like it!


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