21th of December passed ceremony «Akvilon Awards» – only one prestigious award in the Ukrainian business.

New Year’s Eve, the restaurant XO Exclusive gathered under one roof all the talents and stars of best company “Akvilon”: designers, musicians, dancers, TV personalities and movie stars, as well as many wonderful people who came to share this celebration.

On the red carpet guests met rapper himself “PSY”, who was specially invited for this event, in fact, he awarded the winners and nominations, and has worked as a presenter of corporate party.

Celebration would not be a celebration if we gave expanse of boredom and did not care about the show program. So the program was very bright and varied. This exquisite live table entertain at the entrance to everyone delicious champagne and show ballet (break dance), a performance by a talented dancer Sasha in style of Electric boogie, fire and neon show, the performance of the finalists of X-Factor and even the original greeting Santa Claus (from a professional beatboxer).

New Year corporate event Akvilon Awards
Video reportage of the event.