In the summer teambuilding, corporate events often want take a break from routine work in the office and at the same time with the use or just to enjoy Mother Nature. The preparation of corporate parties is important to take responsibility.

In this article, we have collected some ideas for celebrating corporate events on the nature.

The main question that must be addressed before the organization of corporate events, whether it is thematic. It is the most important point in the initial preparation of your event, because after you will need to search for place, writing the script and entertaining part (show program). We will list the most common:

1. Teambuilding or sporting event

Sometimes it does not necessarily carry the rent and many attractions, hire climbers to install rope course. There are a large many different areas, suburban complexes for such celebrations with rope course, a field for football or volleyball. Which already includes the cost of the banquet or paid separately on the spot. In our event company there are comprehensive solutions for the organization of such events.

веревочный парк

2. Quest Another way to diversify as much as possible the summer corporate. The advantage of the quest that you can play almost anywhere: in a suburban complex, restaurant, park, estate. A popular form of gambling and corporate event. Квесты 3. Paintball This option is suitable for recreation company that likes to shoot and “let off steam”. The cost varies from place total number of people, the quality of equipment and options. Пейнтбол 4. Culinary teambuilding Here, once three in one. The first – fun, second – consolidation and competition time, the third – a master class. Кулинарный тимбилдинг 5. Entertainment program Show program or entertainment part of your event – it’s all kinds of activity with a host, disco with Dj, live music performance or jazz bands of show business stars, artists of the original genre and so on. Such an event can be themed. In organizing and carrying out such event, it is important to take into account the possibility of locating, connecting musical instruments, placement of actors, etc. In Kiev and Kiev region there are thematic areas for such an event. Развлекательная программа 6. Fishing Corporate Fishing – it’s quiet and peaceful corporate event Соревнование по ловле рыбы 7. Master classes During the summer corporate rest you can organize dancing master-class time of 30 minutes – 1 hour. It is also possible to carry out a drum workshop, such a service would be a good addition to the teambuilding event. Барабанный мастер-класс