Over the past year we spent a lot of events where large volume letters used as holiday decor. We can safely say that this design is a great success! With confidence you declare that such decor design delight guests not only at weddings or private celebrations. Production of volumetric figures, numbers or letters will not take more than 2-3 days. Size of decorations can be from 6 cm to 6 meters. Take for example the calendar of events:


New Year – one of the best holidays for the decorators. Here are the options of how to use shaped foam: Объемные буквы1

Christmas – You can add weightless angels, various Christmas figures and the star of Bethlehem.

Valentine’s Day – shapes of hearts, giant letters for a photo shoot, “I Love You”, volume cupids, cupids. The same idea can be used for pre-wedding photography.


International Women’s Day – Big figure “8”, to which you can add balloons or flowers – such ornament is suitable for both the school and for women in the office.

Easter – voluminous foam Easter eggs, the letters “XB”, dummy cakes.

The prom at school or kindergarten – giant letters “Graduation” number of the school or educational institution. Against the background of such a decoration – it will be the best memorable pictures. Place can on the lawn in the yard or on the steps at the entrance to the grand stage during the official part.

Объемные буквы2


Day of Family, Love and Faithfulness – You can decorate a large daisies (the symbol of this holiday). The inscription “Family”

Объемные буквы4


1 September — place the courtyard of the institution or on the lawn of a large number of your school or the word “1 September” foam. This will be an excellent occasion to make a souvenir photo. Moreover, in our time very popular social networks such photos instantly fall into the network, which will bring popularity and respect for such design and educational institutions. Halloween — Alternatively, make a pumpkin of any size from foam, but still better to use real pumpkin, but the ghosts come out of the foam is very bright. Classroom chip would be if you hang from the ceiling flocks of bats. Объемные-буквы5


Quite a lot of celebrations, which are not subject to the calendar, we have identified the most popular ones: