Wave of popularity of Dan Brown’s bestseller “The Da Vinci Code” was picked up not only publishers, Hollywood studios and numerous publicists followers but the company teambuilding “American TeambuildingInc”. Offer its customers a new program “Secrets of Da Vinci.” It consists in the fact that participants with the “world-renowned” historian and cryptographer travel toexciting never seen before adventure. In search of the legendary Holy Grail team will go through mystery, intrigue, unusualinvestigation, and …

Along the way participants will open a truly ancient secrets, hidden from mankind for centuries. In this dynamic way to the truth of the team will be puzzled and amazed at their talent discovered a brilliant strategist and hitherto dormant creators, their ability to solve the most intricate puzzles and find a common language in any situation.

The special flavor of this program is of plaited into unusual characters. In an exciting adventure that combines treasure hunting, ancient riddles and race time, participants will find more and more clues – visual, historical, cryptology, and sometimes even humorous. Hints are everywhere, in films, in original equipment and tools, secret codes, and unexpected surprises.

Da Vinci’s Secret clue require teams maximum cohesion and resourcefulness. It is worth noting that the organizers openly say: the game has no religious motives. It is based solely on the history of art and eliminates ambiguous religious interpretations specific to the book. According to organizers, the program may be conducted at various venues – from guest houses, hotels to large office buildings and private houses. Suitable for participants with any physical training. Group size can vary between 150. On request, the company can turn a game of doubles famous characters, and of course, prizes, souvenirs and T-shirts with the symbols of the program. It is clear that the establishment of such a program is worth a lot of effort and require quite a serious investment – both intellectual and time. However, the show is worth it – the general interest (though not always unambiguous) to the best-selling Dan Brown has the potential to make a best-seller and the program Teambuilding.