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V.I.P. Ternopil

V.I.P. Тернополь

V.I.P. Ternopil – participants in the League of laughter, Make a comedian laugh. If you like activities with a bias towards humor…

Product Description

V.I.P Ternopil “was founded in 2008 as the Ukrainian team of KVN from Ternopil. Over the years, KVN has participated in many leagues: VUL, PUL, Slobozhansky League of KVN, open television league of KVN “Europe”, All-Ukrainian League of KVN “Volyn” and others. Most of all the team distinguished themselves in the Higher Ukrainian League of KVN.

If you like activities with a bias towards humor, the hosts teams are exactly those who you need …

Cost1 UAH/6 hour
Additional charges transportation outside the city