For the time being, one of the most popular and striking trends in the organization of various weddings, corporate events, children’s parties is Candy-bar. Candy-bar – creative and brightly decorated served table with all kinds of desserts and a variety of goodies.

Mermaids and chocolates, marzipan and dragees, meringues, marshmallows and many other confectionery products, expanded in jars and pass the luxurious, designer decorated with original accessories, will give an unusual elegance to any event and will help to reveal his thematic.

Кенди-бар на свадьбе

The idea to organize the sweet table at the wedding, is that to make a reality of limitless variety of sweets for wedding decorations. Beautiful sweet table not only decorate ceremonial hall, but also emphasize the idea of ​​wedding themes. Candy bar just becomes part of the entertainment program, which is the delight of all the guests. For most of us, including those who do not want or are not ready to admit it, just love sweets! Besides, beautiful and bright as children’s picture and at the same time delicious Candy-bar looks gorgeous in the photos.

Оригинальный сладкий стол на свадьбе

Giving a variety of decorating ideas, Candy bar is not costly, both physical and financial, remaining at a given time, the most accessible and original way to decorate a wedding celebration. Since the wedding menu and serving sweet table is not primarily the cost and creative idea!