Are you ready for the responsibility exciting event and it is normal because your child’s birthday soon and for a year he was looking forward to this moment.

Well, of course every loving parent wants to organize a kids birthday at the highest level, which he remembered as the most cheerful, bright and unusual day in his life. Here, as always there is the most popular and important question – “How did all this come up, prepare, implement, keep it colorful and do not look like any other holiday?” At first glance, it seems a lot of options and challenges will be. But when the time is getting closer and closer, we realize that it’s not so easy, and would not want that for their child banality and simplicity, the house for a cup of tea and a slice of cake. Contacting the Event Agency in Kiev “Shalenіy.Kyiv-Event» (Event), our professional team will assist you in all matters of organization: will select the appropriate location, thematic program with cartoon characters, heroes of your child with which he dreams meet and truly believes that they exist. Professional florists will decorate the area and deliver it to a fantastic image! Please explore the several options.


To your attention a large number of case scenarios. Some of the most popular programs for children’s birthday party: “Prince and Princess” – fairy tales will make your child’s holiday a memorable gala ball. Cheerful and catchy program with “Elvis and Monroe” will allow your child to show their talents in the music field and dance till you drop, accompanied by these great stars. “Mickey and Minnie Mouse” merry they love probably all the children on earth, they have conquered the hearts of many of his eccentricity, fervent desire and all the new and new adventures. They are happy to take your kids to overcome their next obstacle. Ideal for children from 3 years. This is a dream for all boys and girls is a program of “Pirates of the Caribbean.” Amazing and exciting adventure with Captain Jack Sparrow and his friends will not leave anyone indifferent. Program is based on the famous fairy tale “Alice in Wonderland.” Alice with her friends to go to Wonderland, where they will be in the atmosphere of fantastic adventure and wonder.

Сценарий детского дня рождения ребенка


 Also we invite you to help in the selection room. Bright areas in Kiev, restaurants, children’s cafe, perfectly suited to celebrate your holiday. Large selection of establishments that we recommend, will pick the most suitable for you on price, quality, location, style, and other criteria.

Место проведения детского дня рождения


Our team will make any, the usual site, a room in a bright and colorful world where holiday turned into a magical child. We will arrange for any subject pomeshennye holiday. Balloons – the most popular and inexpensive way of decorating the room. After all, for a child one ball – is a holiday and it’s true! Balloons are so like children, it probably never will be able to get bored. Of balloons you can create a whole flying, aerial work of art.

Украшение и оформление помещения на детский день рождения