Here’s the long-awaited 05/31/12. For all of us it is a normal working day but not for this little boy. Yegor today turns 11 years old! On this day, he is waiting for all the extraordinary and incredible, and it’s natural, it’s his birthday! But what is nowadays possible to surprise and discourage modern child? Yes, to be honest, not an easy task … but for the event company in Kiev “Shalenіy.Kyiv-event» nothing is impossible, especially when it comes to children’s birthday party!

Our team decided that the most relevant and interesting program for the children of this age would be “Starship Troopers”. All the guests (and the children of 10-12 years old) joined with Captain Buzz Lightyear Starship Troopers and his faithful assistant Gloria for very important mission. All members of the team was fighting coloring, which each currently selected individually. All stages, the team held harmoniously, helping each other. A series of interesting and exciting contests that not only entertain children, but were directed to the full development.

We dealt with this task, as a result, we saw a sincere smile and genuine children’s joy. For us, this is the biggest fee for their work.