23th of Februaryone of the few in the calendar when our strong half of humanity deserve the legal right to take the womencongratulations, gifts and gratitude. For decades, we are faithful to this tradition and is widely celebrated and meet praznovatDefender’s Day with warmth and love!

Event company “Shalenіy.Kyiv-Event» offers you to organize and conduct corporate in honor of the great holiday “Day of Defender of the Fatherland” which is celebrated on February 23, in order to remember this holiday to all your dear man. Whether it’s a home for the family or at the office for the staff. February 23 – Defenders of our country, at the same hour and day of Men. For you, we will find in our arsenal, many of the brightest scenarios and choose the original artistsfor corporate celebrations in honor of the Day of Defender of the Fatherland, and excellent, bright and memorable holiday is the image of your company and topledge continued success! On this if you entrust your holiday professionals, we guarantee that you will only be happy slaughter mood and delight your employeesdear man!

1. Army Field Kitchen

 Arrange for you exit the field army kitchen at your event and corporate leisure outdoors. From a military style and attributes, as well as small in mass festive events in military style. Away kitchen – from our catering in Kiev – is a guarantee of quality!

Полевая армейская кухня

2. Army Paintball

Recently paintball becomes more popular form of active recreation. Paintball – a great opportunity to spend an active and interesting February 23 with friends orat corporate among employees. Play paintball can be fitted on site, in the woods, in the building – it all depends on your preference.

Армейский Пейтбол

3. Military band

Glowing in the sun and the sound of brass wind elastic march in the parade, ringing waltz, flying over the paths of the park, “Farewell of Slav” and “Amur waves”– the sound of a military band always fascinates, creates neither an incomparable atmosphere. February 23 you will be able to feel it.

Военный оркестр

4. Wine tasting

 Wine Tasting – a unique opportunity for all fans to try famous wines, get tasting expertise, and to form their own personal preferences taste! We can help you to truly enjoy prelistyami wine.

Дегустация вин

5. Live lady-buffet

Live ladytoday is one of the most exciting and new services. Live table is original and bold variants of the original cocktail party lines. It is also called LadyReception, meet interesting guests on February 23, will treat snacks, an aperitif or with fruit. Food and wine glasses are placed nicely on the table, which is the only clothing model. Girls create a fantastic atmosphere of hospitality, communicating with guests, giving them full attention and offering sample delicious unusual.

Живой стол, Леди-фуршет