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Ryze сайт

Nikolay Klitsov, under the pseudonym Ryze, showed himself on videos on Instagram, as a cheerful and smiling guy who in a matter of minutes can come up with a beat and…

Product Description

Ryze is truly a new true fan of youth. His songs conquered Instagram and became the basis for tiktok videos. The style of this author is very melodic and gentle, and the songs are clear to everyone. In his lyrics, you can see a note of positive and childish maximalism. It’s not for nothing that children adore him so much!

Popular songs of the author were: “Party on your bed”, “Overdose”, “Love me like that”, “Step on the gas”. Basically, the artist performs songs in his native Russian language. Most of the compositions seem to invite you to the dance floor and cheer you up with their rhythm.

Duration of performance 1 hour
Additional chargesrider