NILETTO is a popular Russian performer and participant in the “Songs” show on TNT. He caused a real sensation in 2020 with his songs: “Lyubimka”, “Crash”…

Product Description

Composition NILETTO entitled “Lyubimka” in 2019 conquered many charts and gave the artist a new wave of popularity. By ordering NILETTO for your event, you will be charged with a sea of ​​positive emotions and tireless energy of the artist. Children simply adore NILETTO and happily dance or sing along with the star artist. Danil sings and dances superbly, and will also be able to maintain a conversation with the audience, which is also important for a good performer.

At the moment, the artist has released two albums. In 2018, an album called “Hentai” was released, and in 2019 – “The Voice of Drafts”. The performer is happy to present any song from his repertoire.

Duration of performance 1 hour
Additional chargesrider