Zlata Ognevich

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The winner of the contest "The first radio singing lead." Finalist of the national selection contest "Eurovision-2011". The winner of the popular TV show "The People's Star 3". The winner of the selection of Ukraine on Eurovision 2013 - participant of Eurovision 2013.

Zlata Ognevich

According to the annual survey requests Zeitgeist version of Google Zlata Ógnevich became the "Person of the Year" in 2010. She was honored to sing the national anthem and to open a concert at Donbass Arena on the 75 - year anniversary of FC "Shakhtar". And recently came unexpected and welcome news from the Embassy of Argentina: foreign diplomats Zlata Ognevich awarded the title of "Best Voice of Ukraine" and was awarded a special prize. Sensual, open, very hardworking, Zlata ready to spend long hours in the studio loves to experiment

Zlata Ógnevich component of success - its cooperation with the gifted composer and producer Michael and his team. It's like no one knows what it takes to succeed. That song «Wild Dance» with ethnic music in many ways helped the famous Ukrainian singer Ruslana win brilliant victory at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2004. Michael - the author of many songs hits for Ukrainian and foreign artists, a dozen songs for films produced by European film and television studios. In 2012, Zlata Ognevich won the 2013 Eurovision selection, which will represent Ukraine.

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