Women's Day

                                         Organization of Women's Day in Kiev - 8 of March

 -2 8 of March, International Women's Day - the most touching holiday when every woman feel like a queen. Day when women are waiting for their loved ones, relatives, colleagues, and holiday gifts.

When our favorite women are looking forward to appearing on kaledare cherished date 8 of March, men tend to ask the question - how to organize a commemorative event unforgettable? If the organization 8 of March   in Kiev will become a matter of Entertainment company "Shalenіy.Kyiv-Event", you, dear man, no longer will break your head, what's the surprise your lovely ladies. We take care of all the organizational issues of the, from the selection of places to celebrate the original entertainment shows. Enchanting show, creativity in the choice of interior design, favorite artists, the best presenters, interesting themed celebration scenario, the possibility of fun contests - all this includes the organization of March 8 in Kiev, we will create for you with ease and pleasure. Event - company "Shalenіy" offers you interesting, original ideas and scenarios for private and corporate event on 8 of March .

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 Corporate event for Women's Day

 Often corporate Women's Day looks like one of the most fun and happy events of this kind. In any team pays a lot of attention to this celebration. Therefore, the organization and conduct of a corporate party, in honor Women's Day, should be at the highest level. One of the key issues in the organization - the place of celebration. Given the climatic conditions of our country, the use of various types of open platforms have to give. So the best place for corporate parties on March 8, can certainly be a good restaurant. Proper selection of the venue can be called half the battle corporate parties.

 An important factor in the organization of corporate parties on March 8 is the number of women who work in your team. For example, in some companies, women make up the majority of employees, the number of other men and women about equally. Besides all this, there are quite a few are not in the main men's team. Regardless of all these aspects, on March 8 every woman should feel like a queen. To achieve such a result in each of these cases, you must use a special approach.