Graduation of "Dialogue"gymnasium

The prom of "Dialogue" gymnasium



Date - 31.05.14

Persons - 70 people

Event - Prom night of "Dialogue" gymnasium

Customer - Parents' Committee

The Graduation and prom night of "Dialogue" gymnasium

One of the most touching and memorable moments in everyone's life - school graduation and prom night. Our company knows it like no other. Every time we try to make prom night alumni a unique and bright!

The official part was held in the gymnasium itself "Dialogue", after which graduates and parents went to the restaurant "brochette". At such a crucial day for the guys, the weather was not the best, but it was not a bit messed them up. In the restaurant the guests already waiting red carpet guys walked through it to the applause of parents to stay near the photo banner, took a photo on the memory of a wonderful day. Incendiary dancing till dawn, touching words from admonishes parents and even surprise from most graduates ...

Guys wrote their wishes "whom I see myself in 10 years," hid them in the magic jar, which is a leading prom passed age class. They open it only on the reunion after 10 years!.

All of the colorful moments of release we recorded on photo and video! At the end of the evening fireworks graduates waited presented one of the mothers, the launch sky lanterns for violin music - it was a touching dawn, the moment of parting with school life.

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