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Brothers Schumachers

 Brothers Schumachers

Schumacher Brothers - comic duo, which is over 17 years! Born in Odessa. The duo, which is able to to joke on any subject! Took part in concerts 95 quarters. The winners of the comic show "Fight Club."

Yuri Gorbunov


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Since 2000, work began on the new channels. There was a host of "Elevation" family show "ready for anything" show "One for All" and "Now you're in the army." In June 2006 came to channel "1 +1" TV with Marichka Padalko lead infotainment morning program "Breakfast + '. Was always leading all seasons of "Dancing with the Stars", "Star + Star", "Superstar".

Presenters duo

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Experienced presenters to the feast will help to strengthen the relationship between people, to bring guidance to subordinates, which in turn will help everyone to work more efficiently. Mark the achievement of an important stage in the development of the company, organize a birthday party, to show care and respect for all employees of the organization, improve communication and resolve conflicts, to ensure productive communication workers, strengthen the motivation to inform employees about the changes and introduce new employees or management - to achieve these purposes it is best to use a corporate. Event leading that does not get bored and will help to spend the evening in an informal atmosphere - is an integral component of good corporate party.

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Ivan Gorodetsky


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A professional presenter with extensive experience. Experience in television in the recently-known program show "The Bachelor." Hold: a wedding, corporate event, party, birthday, ceremony.

Nikita Dobrynin


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Professional presenter ...



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Professional entertainer, able to create a comfortable atmosphere and keep the attention of the public, tolerant and diplomatic. All activities are aesthetic and intelligent, but the fun and dynamic. You do not like corny, hackneyed and familiar from childhood contests, the learned cues, one scenario for all holidays and host, who also sings and dances and plays the harmonica and show-rooms shows - we want you to know - the Here you will not find it ever.

Presenter Andrew


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Literate writing and speaking, I work with large volumes of information, responsible, have a lot of useful contacts. Established. It has been about 20 - trainings on iventmarketinga, management and technology innovation in the event industry. A neat and decent. A sense of humor is present.

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Ivan Dorn

dorn ava

Item - st004


Ivan Dorn - Ukrainian singer and television personality, a former member of the "pair of normal." Currently engaged in a solo career. The creative biography of Ivan Dorn begins at school, when Ivan was earning estimates, singing songs of teachers. So he studied Dorn for good grades, loved sports since childhood. In six years, Ivan first came on the scene, he took part in the musical project "Golden Autumn in Slavutych."

Sergei Komarovskiy


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As the experience of leading (expert, entertainer, showman, a public personality) is the "face" of your event, which it otherwise formed in the view of participants and has a significant impact on the overall assessment of the event.

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Maxim Bakhmatov


Item - pr006


The popular TV host, a talented showman and producer. Founder, CEO and Producer resident Comedy Club UA. Author and host of humorous and analytical program "Show No titles" (K1), "The Ukrainians are awesome» (ICTV), «Friday. Evening "(TRK" Ukraine "). Since 2009, the leading morning show Guten Morgen on the music channel M1.

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Andrew Domanskiy


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The popular presenter, entertainer and face the "new" channel. Most Rated projects "new" channel simply have been impossible without Andrew Domanskiy.

Vinnitskie Peppers


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Higher Ukrainian champions league of KVN 2009. Participants major league of KVN (Moscow) 2010., Participants gala-concert of the International Festival of KVN Sochi) 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, -2010., Participants KiViN Music Festival 2007, 2008, 2009. (Jurmala).

Duet Chekhova


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Performance, maintenance activities.

Olga Tsybulskaya

zibulka ava

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Participant in the semi-finals of the national selection round song contest «Eurovision» (2005). In 2008 - the winner of the second prize of the international competition-festival "Five stars. Intervision "(Sochi). Winner FIRST UKRAINIAN Star Factory, leading progr" Klіpsi "on New Channel, a leading Russian radio and in news in the hit parade" Golden Gramophone ". She graduated from the pop-circus Academy .. Utesova (Kiev), where now works as a teacher at Klas' vocals. "In the past - the participant of the duo" Dangerous Liaisons ", which included, won the" Song of the Year 2009 "in the Kremlin Palace Russia.

Inna Shevchenko


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Professional Host of "Facts", the channel ICTV, hold your event at the highest level.

Alexander Pedan

pedan avaa

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Alexander Pedan - Ukrainian showman, TV host, resident "Comedy Club Ukraine", the entertainer. Since 2008, the program is "Lift" on the new channel. Since September 2010 is also one of the leading project "Ukraine does not believe in tears."

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Andrew Kishe

kishe ava

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Andrew Kishe - Ukrainian singer, TV presenter. Born into a musical family, his mother worked for eleven years at the Puppet Theatre. He graduated from the dance department of the school culture. 8 years gave the choreography. Singing career began in 2002.


veter ava

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Professional facilitator - entertainer with an experience of over 10 years, will hold your corporate event, wedding, birthday party in Kiev. Honored Worker of Ukraine's pop art, showman. Spent more than tisyach events.


logay ava

Item - mc0010


Vasily Logay - singer, presenter, finalist TV project "Chance." Ukrainian Jamiroquai, as he was named host of "Chance" - Kuzma. His clips are rotated on music channels. Projects FINALIST in the television channel 1 +1 "VOICE OF THE COUNTRY"!

Igor Posypaiko

ipos ava

Item - pr0016


He is known as one of the most prominent media persons in Ukraine. Brilliant British education, intellectual charm, humor and elegant European style.


Dmitriy Obrizan

obr ava

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Dmitriy Obrizan began its work on the M1 from the start of the channel. Viewers remembered as a master of music news, programs Maxtreme, male charts "Hit Control".

Timur Miroshnichenko

tim ava

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Timur Miroshnichenko showman, presenter to the First National Channel, running from 2006 Commented all Eurovision contests (currently behind 15 of the competitions).more >