Valentine's Day

Organization and Celebration of Valentine's Day in Kiev

Organization of Valentine's Day in Kiev is light and romantic holiday which is impregnated with a passionate love. Creative script organizing and conducting the Valentine's Day will make this celebration a truly memorable and magical with lots of original competitions and gifts under the topics. Our professional artists are happy to supplement your program celebrating Valentine's Day. Down with the primitive, giving creative!? My heart did not hide - Cupid no smears!

This is also an excellent opportunity for a declaration of love, marriage proposals. In this day give love! Most cherished words that you want to hear on this beautiful day - the three little words "I love you."


                        Masters                             Artists                         Show ballets                     Music

                ava val     mim vl     sh vl     mus ava vl

Event company in Kiev will organized for you:

  • romantic dinner
  • serenades
  • kite of hearts and doves
  • romantic stroll in Caretta, limo, hot air ballooning, helicopter
  • bouquets of roses, chocolates, heart-shaped balloons
  • holiday decoration
  • cake in the shape of heart
  • salute of live butterflies
  • airship desires
  • fireworks
  • Special Greetings