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 Honeymoon. The trip which sent the couple is intended only for the two of them. Hearts beat in unison and all the beauty of the world just for you. Honeymoon in the honeymoon would begin a new family life together with the tale, in which there is only they, but all the surrounding aims to please and give pleasure. Organize an unforgettable honeymoon, to realize all your fantasies and let your honeymoon will be the beginning tales as long as eternity. Organization honeymoon in Kiev from Event company "Shalenіy.Kyiv-Event

 Honeymoon in Goa - the land, full of natural beauty. This state is a favorite of the number of honeymoon conducted here compared to other parts of India and even other countries. Honeymoons always shrouded in a haze of romantic and serene beaches of Goa creates a perfect backdrop for a great start of the new marriage.

  Newlyweds, as a rule, prefer the picturesque beaches of Goa. All lovers wish to strengthen their alliance at the confluence of sun, sand and sea. All those who want to spend some time away from the irritating crowds, can safely go to the secluded beaches of South Goa. Imagine a fantastic sunset on the river, on which floats the boat on which great artists entertain you with music and dancing.

goa  Maldives. Contact them only the most pleasant associations, and maybe you'll remember this phrase every time, looking at a family album. Wedding album. So, a wedding in the Maldives. Our agency will help you to organize this tale. Whisper of the Indian Ocean, causing slow rolling waves on the shore, a small breeze, bright blue sky and your wedding vows, sounds, spoken as if there is no one besides you on this earth. Coral reefs, clean sand, nature and clean and quiet, and, like, bless you before the conclusion of the alliance ..

 A wedding in the Maldives - is coastal or water bungalows in the selected part of the island, the reefs, the sheet of stars, set off by the bright waters of the mighty ocean. 


Wedding in Dubai combined with the background of the great desert, beaches and palm trees, which allows your wedding photo shoot to make a truly unique and romantic. And most importantly, the wedding in the UAE at any time, because the holiday in the UAE is a luxury vacation, as well as a guaranteed great weather all year round, white sand, gentle sunshine!

We offer a wedding in OAEna beach or in luxurious pavilions. We work with all the hotels and the UAE so we can prepare for you a wedding package in the UAE in any area and location.


Beautiful multi-faceted country Spain! Kilometers of the coast, sightseeing monuments, castles and palaces - is every traveler will find something fun. П

  And, of course, we have prepared for you to organize your wedding in Barcelona! Marriage can take place in castles, villas, terraces. After the wedding ceremony, you can go to the photo session at the historic sites of Barcelona, ​​as well as on the sea coast.


Paris. It is no secret that the wedding ceremony in Paris leaves no one indifferent. You can spend hours watching one of the most charming wonders ─ Eiffel Tower. This magnificent building and attracts its infinite height and inaccessibility. Wedding in Paris at the top of the Eiffel Tower will raise the two lovers to the heavens, as it is one of the highest points of the planet. Having conquered the top of the Eiffel Tower, you will feel like a bird soaring freely above the earth like angels.

  Photo session in Paris will make you feel like a star of world size. As many sources of pop diva Beyonce and Jay-Z said the wedding ceremony in Paris. British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen and Australian actress Isle Lang Fisher were married in Paris on 15 March. At the ceremony, there were only 6 people guests.

 Wedding in Paris, of course, is not without the Champs Elysees. The sound of music Jo Sung yes all the lovers have to go through all the main avenue Champs Elysees. Another name for the Champs Elysees ─ islands of the blessed. By French dowry live there spirits of heroes who have received from the gods immortality and the couple who were married there, will live a long and happy life.