New Year scenarios of corporate events


New year - it is one of the most important, lively and vibrant festivals, which is associated with better expectations next year. From the New Year, we are all waiting for, the festive mood, magic, some miracles, gifts of our favorite people. Love this holiday is not only children but also adults.

Scenarios of corporate new year party

 We sincerely believe that all of our wishes for the new year will come true. Event company in Kiev "Shalenіy.Kyiv-Event" will organize and conduct your corporate Christmas in Kiev creative, fun and memorable festive. Our team will write the script customized for your event. You just have to choose the subjects, and we translate it into reality!

Scenario of corporate party in the Greek style

  Only for you, especially in the New Year's Eve, from heaven to earth, a hundred thousand years later, they - Gods of Olympus! And you all can join this unique divine meeting. Explore and extend the record of the myths and legends of your company, to hear New Year's greetings of the - God Zeus, and of course what kind of holiday and what the gods without the Olympic Games! Competition creativity, talent races, fighting mad, gymnastics humor-all of these stages are waiting for you in the year ahead of the Snake.













Scenario corporate party with Las Vegas

 New Year's Eve - a time for fulfilling the wishes and miracles! Therefore, Event Agency in Kiev, organizing events and activities, "Shalenіy.Kyiv-Event" has prepared for you a Christmas program in the Las Vegas style! Feel like a millionaire and enjoy the atmosphere of mindless fun, luxury, gambling and you can order us to this subject. You expect snogshybatelnye girl dealer, colorful show program, the King of Pop Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe charming, classic and themed rooms, as well as performance artists original genre. The real highlight, no doubt, may be visiting a casino in Kiev. Which will provide you with a lot of the best games of chance.









Scenario corporate party, Mexican style

Cactuses, tequila, sombreros, guitars, limes, maracas and all that can be colorful and fun - all real New Year in style of Mexico. The room should be decorated in bright colors: colorful ribbons, ornaments, striped rugs and folk tracks will create an atmosphere of real Mexico. For that would not get to the hacienda to his cousin Juan, you have to pass a lot of tests, but the reward is worth it! Mexican carnival - hot dances to the rhythmic sounds of ringing guitars and maracas, the sea and lots of tequila delight. A worthy reward for the excellent work! In this theme perfectly fit bartender show inKiev.








Scenario Corporate party - awarding of  "Oscar"

In order to become a party to the ceremony of awarding the prize "Oscar" does not have to go to Hollywood. In the New Year dreams come true! You will meet the red carpet, bright camera flashes, the solemn atmosphere and of course the golden statues, the symbol of the event. The entire New Year program in this style is designed so that each of the guests feel like a star. That guests act as stellar nominees. After the Oscars winners, all present at the ceremony, will entertain the real stars of Hollywood.


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New Year's Corporate Brazilian Carnival

Encourage you to spend New Year in the hot atmosphere of the most vibrant, colorful and spectacular action in the world - the Brazilian carnival! If you have not been to Rio de Janeiro, in the absolute peak of the Brazilian summer, do not worry! Because you have the opportunity to find yourself in the center of the carnival right in the New Year's Eve! Under the dynamic rhythms of samba, bright girl, dressed in sequins and fluffy feathers, lead you to a real Brazilian national holiday! Rich program with all the traditions of Brazil will open for you all the secrets of the carnival that are lost somewhere in the mists of time. Ballet show in Kiev which can decorate your show program.


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