Teambuilding "KST Group Ukraine"

corporate teambuilding "KST Group Ukraine"


Date - 26.09.2014

Persons - 40 people

Event - Corporate teambuilding

Customer - "KST Group Ukraine"

Corporate teambuilding "KST Group Ukraine"

 In Event compamy "Shalenіy.Kyiv-Event" approached «KST Group Ukraine» to organize for them productive, corporate team building. We have written a scenario which included the main aspects of corporate and leisure activities.

How everything happened:

 Upon arrival, guests spent a half-hour leading "general terms" and the so-called warm-up, where by interesting interactivity comes into contact with the public. Further divided into teams of all (10-12 people). Each team is ready to name, slogan and "unique" dance and then demonstrated their numbers to each other. Then began the race for the championship.)

 Passage exercises. All stages of the game were a relay race with lots of colorful props, at each stage it is necessary to be smart, courage, physical endurance and, of course, the ability to defeat a team! Task involved the use of the principles of teamwork, which help to introduce the participants to gain experience and positive joint interaction.

 For the job they received encouragement - a piece of card, which is necessary for the further implementation of the overall task. Namely, the search of the treasure, all the teams gathered on the map.

After the extracted treasure spent the final action. Summed up. Award-winning team for showing activity and went continue our celebration at the banquet table under a gorgeous Music.

What got in the end result:

•    Introduction of the participants with each other.
•    Gaining experience sharing interaction.
•    Improving communication skills of program participants.
•    Increased cohesion participants.
•    Producing a joint vacation.
•    Promote the development of the company.
•    Improve the overall team loyalty to the company.

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