Scenarios for corporate events


Corporate parties and events - the elements of corporate culture. Organization of corporate normal thing in the life of any company. For corporate events and parties must be prepared in advance, consider a clear plan of action. In this article, we have collected scripts corporate events that contribute to the preparation of such an important holiday.

Scenario of corporate events and parties

 Event-company "Shalenіy.Kyiv-Event" ready to write for you a script any holiday or event, implement one of the scenarios are corporate events. Our company is a serious approach to the organization of corporate events in Kyiv and writing scripts. Perhaps corporate, one of those holidays that we have worked very carefully, such events associated with the Day of the firm or just a corporate party, whose purpose - to bring together the team and form a team, one of the types of korportivov organization is team building. Corporate event with invited guests and partners - is the work on the image of your company. During the work of our agency, we were once trusted these festivals, corporate events we held both for private and for public companies. That is why writing the script for corporate professional we come! See our work, you can see the "Portfolio".

 Please explore the completed script corporate events. We assure you that at the order and organization of the event at our event-company, you can feel free to be sure to write the script for your exclusive corporate parties. We do not just call you to discuss the details of all the scenes and performances, all without exception, guests will be pleased! You can call us and forget about the worries. "Shalenіy.Kyiv-Event" - professional team of organizers, ready for you to do the impossible! Phone: (044) 223 92 61, (096) 754 24 80

Scenario  of corporate party in gangster style

 One of the popular scenarios corporate party - a party in the gangland-style. This evening you will become members of various mafia groups. In advance to buy a thematic props is mandatory Dresscode - men desirable costumes deep black stripes, women themed dresses. Music should be framed using jazz instruments. Need to buy a cigar, gangster hats, set up tables under the specialization of employees (or rather by clans and families). Contests with toy pistols and submachine guns. Excellent addition to the program will be:

  • Performance of show-ballet
  • mafia game
  • thimblerigger
  • mobile casino
  • making invitations
  • themed attractions
  • press wall

Scenario in gangster style

 Scenario of corporate party in cowboy style "Cowboy-party" or "Wild West"

  Our company offers you organize a party in a bright cowboy style - "Cowboy-party" or "Wild West". Visit to the distant past and will be able to enjoy the wonders of the dangerous wild west. Cowboys, Indians, bounty hunters, dashing shooting, robbing trains - all you can see in the theme party "energy yielding the wild west." In order to organize a corporate do not have to transport guests to Texas or the nearest prairie, we were able to create the sets and at home. For starters, you can get just a couple of cactus) Key composes such an event - a platform that rekvezit, dress code, music and of course the show program! Party can complement the bright attraction "Rodeo on a bull", visiting casinos - of Texas Hold'em, the performance of show-ballet, dramatic music.

corporate event in cowboy style

Scenario of corporate party hipsters

 Corporate style Hipsters - a real show! International hits of the sixties in the original arrangement, the bright and colorful clothes, at the party will be "light" even those who are in everyday life is very quiet.  

 If you are planning a corporate event in the style of "dudes" and think that only in the spirit of wind-60s in bright suits and jackets to the beat of rock 'n' roll can spend unforgettable corporate - then our script for you! This holiday will be really stylish.

corporate event in hipsters style