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Show ballet since 2008. In team staff 4 (6) people (2 girls and 2 guys). The different variants of up to 15 dancers. Works in a variety of dance styles to suit your taste and color. Show ballet can conduct master classes in all dance styles.

Show ballet, Item -dc008

Dance numbers:

1. Dance with LED lights "Time to get real" (a memorable opening any event) - (3 min.)
2. LED room classic pointe to the music of Bach in the dub-step process.
3. Rock 'n' Roll "Some fun tonight" - (3 min.)
4. Twist "Do you love me?" - (3 min.)
5. Boogie Woogie "From Moscow to Leningrad" - (3 min.)
6. Disco criminal "Hot Stuff" - (3 min.)
7. Contempo lyric: Love - it's not a fight, but it's something that is worth fighting! - (3 min.)
8. Hip-Hop "Move" - ​​(3 min.)
9. The evolution of styles (rich setting with pieces of various dance styles like all developed over time: nroll rock, twist, latin, disco, pop, hip-hop, jazz-funk with the transformation of costumes during the number) - (5 min.)
10. Salsa "I know you want me" (incendiary pair dance in modern processing) - (4 min.)
11. Vaking, jazz-funk "Burn" (campy trendy dance to club music) - (3 min.)
12. Charliding (a support group for any sporting event)