Drummers Show

Drummers Show in Kiev

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Bright and unique project that includes a variety of styles, genres and styles. The project was formed in 2004 and during its existence, has established itself as a stable unit of the concert. Drummers show has a lot of experience: opening stadiums, participation in international broadcasts fights in boxing, Mix-Fight, live broadcasts leading television projects. Perform at various Events, exhibitions, advertising komnaniyah. Drummers show in Kiev combined with any holiday, event, concert.

Drummers Show in Kiev

Areas of activity:

  • playing the traditional drums;
  • rooms with different ethnic drums in the style of Afro-Cuban, Brazil, Caribbean, Ukrainian, etc.;
  • show on iron drums;
  • Drum-PJ, Fire-Show, Laser-Show, rooms with ballets in different directions;
  • Drum team building, conducting master classes, interactive show;
  • inaugurations of events, exhibitions, corporate events, conferences, meeting guests to style;
  • fashion shows, promotions, birthdays, weddings, preparation of VIP-persons to participate in the show, and so on;
  • provision of advertising space on the concert platform

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