Restourants in Kiev

restaurant Kidev

restaurant Kidev



Restaurant Kidev - a fine Georgian and Ukrainian cuisine, a very comfortable place, often come here to spend time with family, children, friends, and business partners. A great place for parties and events

Smart cafe Bibliotech

Smart cafe Bibliotech in Kiev

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Facility is designed for those who feels comfortable in a democratic atmosphere and in the search for new knowledge, trends and experiences. A place for smart, made ​​wisely!

Restaurant Carpaccio Cafe

Restaurant Carpaccio Cafe

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Carpaccio Cafe is a a family run, two-story restaurant in Kiev

Restourant Tripolie


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Restaurant "Tripoli" located in the country on the road Obukhov, combines not only the best traditions of schools for recreation, but also is the true reminder of the culture and traditions of our ancestors. Architects and designers who have worked on the interior, it was possible to reproduce the elements of the ancient civilization of Tripoli, and pass without too much kitsch and cozy atmosphere.

Restaurant - Irpen Hall



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Conference Hall Irpin "single multifunctional complex, which has no analogues in Ukraine.

Restaurant President Hotel


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President Hotel, built in 1990 in the historic area of ​​the city - Pechersk is a complex with a vast territory and a wide range of services. From a cozy green hill, where the "President Hotel" - a 15 minute walk to the city center - the Independence Square, 5 minutes to the Olympic Stadium, the Sports Palace, Central Synagogue.

Restaurant - Casanova

kazanova ava

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Imagine a cozy Italian restaurant, located on the shores of picturesque Lake. Classical interior of the best Italian designers, exquisite Mediterranean cuisine, an extensive wine list and well-trained staff ... this Italian island is now in Kiev

Restaurant - Manor Romankovskaya


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The main building of the restaurant is decorated in a romantic style: soft colors, smooth lines, dark, noble wood, marble. Everything is easy, elegant, but at the same time - a discreet and unobtrusive. The main hall on the first floor - is a bright and spacious room, panoramic windows that you can see the courtyard and a small pond with decorative loose stones and forged a bridge leading to the entrance of the hotel ..

Restaurant Blinoff


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Restaurants "Blinoff" created for people who know how to relax and enjoy. It is the perfect place to eat and relax in pleasant surroundings.

Restaurant Sofia

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Explain everything in order. The restaurant is located on the New Obukhov road, just opposite the Blue Lake. The beauty and appeal of these sites do not require additional comments. Pine forests, a lake, a beautiful nature ... Here The spirit of serene relaxation. This is particularly felt in the restaurant "Sofia", where each tree is carefully preserved, in the courtyard restaurant you feel like in a luxury park.

Restaurant - Balkan

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Sweet moments of life, the solar atmosphere and cuisine of five seas gathered under its roof restaurant "Balkans." Travel experience on the menu is just as bright as the journey over rocky Serbia, exotic, but the Ukrainian native heart of Turkey and Greece, Greece - which is everything. But if you are not able to meet with a memorable Balkan cuisine in these countries, you can do it right now.

Restaurant - The Three Musketeers


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Country restaurant-hotel complex "The Three Musketeers" is located at the 28th km Novoobukhovskaya route is 1.5 km from Blue Lake in pine lesa.Bolshaya well-kept area with ponds and landscaping.

Restaurant - Aldo

aldo ava

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Entertainment complex "Aldo" offers you heed banquet hall for 120-150 people that will inspire you and your guests are not only fine cuisine, but also sophisticated decor that creates a cozy and romantic atmosphere. Warm atmosphere, friendly welcome, a sense of unearthly holiday will make it unique and memorable.

Restaurant - Partizan

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Specifically for the partisans in the 28 km route Novoobukhovskaya situated Forest club "Partizan". This unrivaled rural complex that includes a hotel with cottages and dugouts, a restaurant with banquet halls. House leader (conference room) and shykarny strategic body of water, filled to overflowing with fish. And yet - the young pines, crestal air, bird songs - all the things that we have lacked in the big and noisy city.

Restaurant - Puscha Lesnaya


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Resort, "Puscha Lesnaya" is located in a picturesque pine forest close to the lake and sandy beach, 12 km from Kiev.K offers a spa with a Turkish bath, sauna and massage rooms. Private bathrooms have a bathrobe and hairdryer.

Restaurant Ani


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Ishli kyufta, hashlama, tubs, barbecue chalagach, Aragats, ishkhan in white wine, tapakats - words like music to those who have already enjoyed the fabulous dishes of Armenian cuisine at "Ani". It is difficult to name spoken surprisingly delicious - a legacy of the rich history of one of the oldest cuisines - Armenian.

restaurant "Horivets"


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Restaurant "Horivets" consists of a restaurant (60-70 seats), a cafe-bar (35-40 seats), banquet hall in a hunting style (15-20 seats) and Russian billiards (12 lbs.) Spacious room ideal for banquets and piano it can take up to 70 people. Matched to your liking banquet menu and holiday decor (floral arrangements, balloons, etc.) obespurshetov echat your event a success.

Restaurant - Chumackiy shliah


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In the restaurant complex "Chumackiy shliah" you will plunge into the atmosphere of medieval Ukraine with its life, culture, architecture, and of course, cuisine. In the "Chumackiy shliah" You are able to choose the interior, where you wish to spend time enjoying the delicious food. It can be a rural hut, home cozy and warm

Restaurant - Tangier


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Spacious and cozy room European offices in the East Room, high ceilings, soft couches in the offices and shisha corner - all this allows guests to comfortably enjoy the perfect kitchen. And it is really perfect, and Bole, that is amazing. The restaurant's menu includes the best Caucasian cuisine, oriental desserts, a wide selection of beverages.