Restourant Tripolie


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Restaurant "Tripoli" located in the country on the road Obukhov, combines not only the best traditions of schools for recreation, but also is the true reminder of the culture and traditions of our ancestors. Architects and designers who have worked on the interior, it was possible to reproduce the elements of the ancient civilization of Tripoli, and pass without too much kitsch and cozy atmosphere.

Restaurant Tripoli in Kiev

Entrance to the restaurant is decorated with perhaps the biggest in Ukraine ceramic vase - a symbol of Tripoli culture. Passing through it is easy to feel emotions akin to the excitement before the sacramental and eternal. Tripoli Restaurant is suitable for weddings, corporate events, birthday parties.

  • Hall 1st floor - 80 people
  • Hall 2 floors - 40
  • 2 VIP-hall – 10
  • winter house – 20
  • summer arbors – 6