Restaurant - Partizan

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Specifically for the partisans in the 28 km route Novoobukhovskaya situated Forest club "Partizan". This unrivaled rural complex that includes a hotel with cottages and dugouts, a restaurant with banquet halls. House leader (conference room) and shykarny strategic body of water, filled to overflowing with fish. And yet - the young pines, crestal air, bird songs - all the things that we have lacked in the big and noisy city.

Restaurant Partizan at Novoobukhovskaya road

  • Banquet hall "Cabin leaders" will guerrillas numbering from 250 to 1,000 fighters
  • The main hall of the "General Staff" accommodates 100 people
  • "Beer underground" - 70
  • "Che Guevara" - 30-40 people 
  • The summer terrace you can fit the 120 on a big pontoon placed about 30 guests
  • Gazebo on small rafts can accommodate from 10 to 20 people