Restaurant - Casanova

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Imagine a cozy Italian restaurant, located on the shores of picturesque Lake. Classical interior of the best Italian designers, exquisite Mediterranean cuisine, an extensive wine list and well-trained staff ... this Italian island is now in Kiev

Restaurant - Casanova in Kiev

Casanova restaurant creators wanted, above all, to convey the true spirit of classic Italy: a cozy room, a quiet unobtrusive music, soft lights, classical paintings and engravings, fountains ... It offers a main room and a gorgeous summer playground in a medieval courtyard.

The main hall is conventionally divided into two parts - a restaurant and piano bar area where you can enjoy the finest cognacs and cigars, drink a cup of coffee or a chat over a glass of fine wine. Guests seeking a more rigorous and, at the same time, relaxed atmosphere, would prefer to take one of the tables in the restaurant of the room.

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