Restaurant Blinoff


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Restaurants "Blinoff" created for people who know how to relax and enjoy. It is the perfect place to eat and relax in pleasant surroundings.

Restaurant Blinoff in Kiev

Themselves restaurants unique because we have pancakes for every taste - from traditional to the most sophisticated: with vegetables, salmon, meat, mushrooms, caviar, and - dessert: with poppy seeds and cheese, cherries and apples, banana and chocolate, pear and ice cream - and this is not a complete list! It is better to come to one of the restaurants' Blinoff "and try it! In addition to pancakes on the menu you will always find something that will fit your taste. All dishes are prepared with only the freshest products, and talent of our chefs make them uniquely tasty. Quality food for us the most important thing, and believe me, in Kiev, is unlikely to find restaurants that level of service and cuisine, the prices are so democratic!