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Sweet moments of life, the solar atmosphere and cuisine of five seas gathered under its roof restaurant "Balkans." Travel experience on the menu is just as bright as the journey over rocky Serbia, exotic, but the Ukrainian native heart of Turkey and Greece, Greece - which is everything. But if you are not able to meet with a memorable Balkan cuisine in these countries, you can do it right now.

Balkan Restaurant in Kiev

The restaurant "Balkan" food is made only through the ancient and original recipes with their particular national flavor. A restaurant, surprised even the most discerning gourmets. Meat dishes are incredible originality and simplicity at the same time. In addition to traditional Ukrainian meat on the menu a lot of delicious dishes of lamb. Love Balkan residents to vegetables in general, and bell peppers in particular will not leave anyone indifferent. Ordinary vegetables at the restaurant "Balkans" are exquisite masterpieces.

Of course, what the Balkans without the sea and seafood? Marine fish, shrimp, clams on the menu are a great variety. Seafood - national, classical, original and copyright - Sote seafood - dishes from the chef. Everything is so fresh that it seems as if they had just been caught by fishermen and brought to the restaurant, which is on the coast. They instantly cooked and served to you on the table waiters, masters of their craft and professionalism which emphasizes hospitality of the hosts, their kindness and respect for each incoming guest. The restaurant is suitable for organizing organizing events in Kiev.