Restaurant Ani


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Ishli kyufta, hashlama, tubs, barbecue chalagach, Aragats, ishkhan in white wine, tapakats - words like music to those who have already enjoyed the fabulous dishes of Armenian cuisine at "Ani". It is difficult to name spoken surprisingly delicious - a legacy of the rich history of one of the oldest cuisines - Armenian.

Restaurant Ani in Kiev

Learning the palette of flavors of dishes prepared by Armenian recipe can and should be in Kiev, in the restaurant, "Ani". Welcome, come in a cozy room, sit down for the most attractive table. Would you like seclusion - note the cozy "wall-capsule" - here you exactly no one hurt. Here it is - the book of books - the menu. Vegetables, meat, fish, baked goods, soups - all of what you have heard so much, enjoy the dream! Meals are prepared on the grill right there on the show kitchen, so you can easily watch the really fun experience. While the chefs conjure dishes, cognac connoisseur things to give you a tasting, and the waiter will give a cup of excellent coffee in Armenian. When the sun warms, becomes particularly attractive summer terrace. It seems to be specially created for the siesta, magnificent fountains please the eye and refresh the atmosphere in the summer heat.