14 February - Confession of Love

Confessions of Love in Kiev

Date - 14.02.13

Persons - Loving couple

Event - Romantic Love confessions

Customer - Private client

Confessions of Love in Kiev

 "To anything to keep quiet about his feelings when the fire is burning in the heart of love! Give your favorite gourmet romantic declaration of love!" - That's what we decided to do the customer requested to organize such an important event. We love our job, to help people realize their dreams and desires, so happy to have decided to help the lover boy. Love - is the most beautiful thing in the world that moves people.Therefore, our task has been extremely responsible, to this event requires a special approach. 

 And so, after a true test of deliberation and decisions we have started the story. The first was a luxurious white limusine who rode our lovers on romantic environs of Kiev. At this time, while young couple enjoying a walk in the limo our team has prepared the site for the holiday of love - Valentine's Day. In one of the most beautiful places in Kiev was installed arch of flowers next to which there were two living angel scenario they found our love in a romantic walk. Just for this event was invited and Valentine. Master originally led to the culmination of our loving acceptance. Event item at the end of a couple in love a romantic place.