pop stars

Oleg Vinnik

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Coast: 20000$ / 45 min


A talented and popular Ukrainian singer, composer and songwriter.

Artem Pivovarov

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Artem Pivovarov a young ambitious and most extraordinary performer on the Ukrainian stage, musician, sound producer. The voice that is impossible not to know, and performances that are impossible to forget - in this artist so much energy that it is absolutely enough to each viewer.


Jamal website, contacts, order

Jamala a famous Ukrainian singer, winner of the selection for Eurovision 2016 from Ukraine, the winner of "New Wave" of 2009, participated in many television projects.


Группа Агонь

Coast - 15 000$ / 45 min


Former composition of participants and creators of the well-known group "Quest Pistols" together again. Anton Savlepov, Nikata GORYUK and Konstantin Borovsky merged under the new name "agon".

Zlata Ognevich

Zlata Ognevich website, contacts

The winner of the contest "The first radio singing lead." Finalist of the national selection contest "Eurovision-2011". The winner of the popular TV show "The People's Star 3". The winner of the selection of Ukraine on Eurovision 2013 - participant of Eurovision 2013.

m-band, Winners "I want to Meladze "

music boys band Mband

New boys band - Group "M-Band", the winners of the project "I want to Meladze"

Andrey Kishe

Andrew Kishe website

Andrew Kishe - Ukrainian singer, TV presenter, host of events.

Brothers Borisenko

Brothers Borisenko website, contacts

Their way to the scene of the twins Dnipropetrovsk began last year with a naive child tricks. Strict age restrictions (on auditions New Channel show "Star Factory 3" is allowed only guys who are 18 years of age) have forced the brothers on the ground listening to add yourself a year. Of course, then I had to admit. But by this time the cheerful, sunny guys managed to charm all the members of the jury, so the music producer of the show, the famous composer Konstantin Meladze made an exception for the brothers and the show still took.

Max Barskih

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Debut on the big stage as a singer and composer took place in 2008, when Max became a member of the television show "Factory zirok 2".

Irina Rozelfild

Irina Rozelfild




Despite her young age, behind Irina - victory in a significant number of international, national and regional competitions and festivals (in its assets of about 40 diplomas and certificates). Winner of five awards Grand Prix. In 2003, at age 14 she made her debut in the first large-scale Ukrainian musical "Equator". Finalist of the national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest in Ukraine in 2006 and 2010. Silver medalist competition of young singers in Jurmala "New Wave 2008" special prize "Person" from Lima Vajkule as the most stylish participant.

Ivan Dorn

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Ivan Dorn - the Ukrainian singer and TV presenter, a former member of the "pair of normal." Currently engaged in a solo career. Creative biography of Ivan Dorn begins at school, when Ivan was earning estimates, performing songs teachers. Therefore Dorn studied for good grades, from childhood loved sports. In six years, Ivan first came on the scene, he took part in the musical project "Golden Autumn in Slavutych.

Potap and Nastya Kamensky

Potap and Nastya Kamensky




Potap and Nastya - a phenomenon in modern show business. The combination of a producer, composer, author, producer and show Maine Potap and beauty, vocalist Nastya, in and of itself was doomed to success.


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D.Lemma group formed in Kiev in early 2005. The guys came together similar views on life and music. Young band after the release of their debut album "Tse our" was recognized as the first Ukrainian R & B. Now «D.Lemma» its own unique style, one by one they release new dance hits. Largely because of this «D.Lemma» known as the most positive and energetic group of Ukrainian show-meringue.

Julie Voyce

Julia Voice website

Julia Voice Getting creative and Songs career at 14 years, when she wrote her first song. The first victory was waiting for a future star in the international competition "Black Sea Games 2000", where the wife of the President of Ukraine Lyudmila Kuchma handed her the first prize

Tina Karol

Tina Karol website

Became famous after his triumph at the festival "New Wave 2005", which took 2nd place and received a special prize "Allah" in the amount of $ 50,000.

Mika Newton

Mika Newton

26 Feb. 2011 Oksana victory in the final of the Ukrainian national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2011. However, after two days of jury selection, and some participants insisted on the recognition of the results invalid and repetition of the finals. When you recount violations were found, in connection with which the victory of Mika Newton was confirmed. March 5 singer and her producer Timofey Nagorny have been blessed to participate in the competition at the head of the UOC MP, Metropolitan Vladimir (Sabodan).

singer March

singer March

MARTA - Ukrainian singer and TV presenter. Youth, beauty, dedication, but most importantly, talent - all these qualities has a spring singer named Martha, whose only weakness - music

Band Boombox

Group Boombox


Known Ukrainian rap, r&b artists. Most of the tracks on the boombox takes the native language (Ukrainian), using English and Russian phrases

Irina Bilyk

Irina Bilyk website

The album "Love. Poison "for the first 10 days of the sale went platinum - it has sold 100,000 copies.

Olga Cybulski

Olga Cybulskaya

Olga Cybulska - participant in the semi-finals of the national qualifying round of the song contest «Eurovision» (2005). In 2008 - the winner of the second prize of the international competition-festival "Five Stars. Intervision "(Sochi).