Areas for outdoor activities

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In this article Event-company "Shalenіy.Kyiv-event" will tell you about some of the areas where it is possible to carry out corporate holiday or organize a teambuilding in Kiev. The most common question asked of the organization of outdoor activities - "Where organize a corporate holiday?". Locations in Kyiv and its suburbs is not a pretty small amount in order to answer this question we need to know exactly:

Areas for outdoor activitie

Number of people, the requirements for location (since there are both free and paid), view events, and done well the same place where it should be located. Please explore the most popular ones:

1. Island of Luck, Island is located 26 km from the center of Kiev, in the end - Concha Zaspa.

                  ves1   ves2


2. Recreation centre "Trukhanov" - Recreation and Entertainment "Trukhanov" is located on the Dnieper River, opposite the historic city center of Kiev on the island Trukhanov between the main channel of the Dnieper and Matvyeyevski Gulf.

                  try1   try2

3. Beautiful place near Kiev - location is 15 km from Kiev in a clearing in a pine forest on the shore of the lake.

                  bobr1   bobr2


4. Island "Great" - located in the city under Vyshgorod short of a few kilometers to the gateway of the Kiev reservoir. This is about 1.5 hours away by boat from the main river port


                  vel1   vel2

5. Two Beaver - Two Beaver is just 7 km from Kiev to Zhitomir highway.


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