Organization of Birthday outside the Kiev city


In a private house on the highway Novoobukhovskaya 22 of May 2012, Team of Event Company "Shalenіy.Kyiv-event» organized a birthday party for a wonderful man - Nicholas G.. As our birthday and his guests was pretty composed person and instead have come a long, bumpy and very interesting way of life, the task was to hold the event without much pathos, noise and obsessions, and in a friendly home environment.

  Organization of birthday outside the Kiev city

 Successful in this project was the idea to organized birthday with a charming master marina, according to preliminary scenario was presented to the guests, not as master, but like the new housekeeper and her alleged today is the first day of the trial. In this way our master greeted guests spend with them interactive, joking, telling stories, spent light competitions and quizzes. Without attention was not a guest. Honestly, everyone was in shock! "How? Where did you find this sociability housekeeper? "- Asked that question very often our guests -" Me, too, we want this! "What Nicholas G. replied with a smile. Also the day our event was accompanied by soft, pre-existing music 90's played by our professional Dj. By the end of the holiday, the guests quietly going home. Of course, our housekeeper, along with the hosts saw off visitors, drank "a horse," they sang together the song, goodbye. So our "secret surprise" and was not open, it's for all the guests remained a mystery - who actually was this charming lady.