Organization prom Kiev

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Date - 12/05/12

Persons80 people

Event - The organization of the prom in Kiev

Customer - Parents Committee

 In September 2011 in office of our event company knocked the parents committee of school № 255 to organize a comprehensive "Graduation." You may ask, "Why so early? Graduation in May!" Graduation - an important event that requires special training and should be planned in advance. So, like good restaurants, the best leading actors and the show program must be ordered several months in advance - it will help to organize the prom with high quality and professionally. The venue was chosen restaurant "Tripoli" in Novoobuhovskoy track. Leading the evening was made by a professional leader Vitaly, who coped with the task of conducting this event. Throughout the prom, we chose the "King and Queen" prom, evaluating the activity of participants in competitions and dance program at the end where we started the fireworks. Thanks to our DJ prom turned into a disco. Music hits were matched very well that no one left to be indifferent to the dance. The finale of our holiday was a memorable surprise. Accompanied by live violin melodies alumni greeted the dawn on the banks of the "Blue Lake" and with the ringing of glasses congratulated each other with a wonderful and unforgettable day graduate.

Дата - 20.09.11

кол-во - 100 чел

Событие - Открытие детского магазина "Тигрес" в Киеве

Заказчик - Тигрес